House Concerts

House concerts have always been my favourite kind of show to play. Cozy atmospheres and the direct connection with the audience make these events really special.

Every show is different and can be adapted to the hosts needs from a 30 minute interlude on a special occasion to a 3 hour living room concert with 4 encores because if the audience asks for more I am terrible at saying no haha. Wether it’s a kitchen, a living room or a garden the stage is always unique and I love it! 

For special occasions I can also write a custom song and perform it live at the show. This can be a great surprise for a birthday, engagement, wedding - or just a nice gift to someone special.

It’s always been a wonderful experience to write these songs and see them light up someones evening. 

If you’d like to book me for a house show you can contact me at

and we can chat about options and see what’s the best fit for you.

I'm looking forward to connect with you and bring my music to your home.