Prophecy is an incredibly vulnerable track, with Luna displaying her emotions and feelings off to the world in brave fashion – the lyrics are simply heartbreaking to listen to but they work very well with the music.
Jane Howkins for York Calling

I love the moodset is held vulnerable at first, and over time, it feels like the tune itself realizes how beautiful it really is, picking up energy, confidence and passion along the way.
kms reviews

"A Ray Of Light", a masterpiece that we added to the well growing "Indie Folk Gems" Spotify playlist.
Indie Music Center

In Conversation with Luna Keller - April 2020
Independent Music Discovery

With an incredible talent for songwriting, the artist from Tenerife (Spain) sends us lots of sun to shed light on this dark period.
Indie Music Center

Luna Keller combines a refreshing instinct for pop melody with a welcome note on the resilience of human connection