"She's Not Good For Me", está envolta em melancolia, em sombra e em dor, mas não deixa de ser uma composição que traz conforto. A voz de Keller irradia emoção e sinceridade numa entrega plena que me deixa sempre com o coração apertado; e surge perfeitamente amparada pela linha delicada de guitarra e por arranjos leves, quase etéreos, que conferem ao ambiente uma dimensão (ainda) mais intimista."
Phonograph Me

"She’s Not Good For Me, expone como Luna fue tratando y recuperándose de su depresión, un proceso que plasma con melodías dulces.  Su sonido sabrá adaptarse a cada rutina, es un buen plan escuchar mientras disfrutás de unos buenos mates o café y dejar que las emociones busquen su camino."
Zone Nights

"We have featured Luna Keller quite a few times and she recently released a new track, “She’s No Good For Me.” This track is absolutely mesmerizing. The depth of the backing instrumentals harmonize flawlessly with her vocals, creating a captivating listening experience. Her voice has a captivating quality that leaves you wanting more."
Music On The Rox

"Apresentando um Folk introspectivo e intimista, que conta com ótimas melodias e arranjos acústicos, Luna encanta o ouvinte com sua doce voz, que consegue passar ao mesmo tempo uma sensação de força, mas também de fragilidade. Isso vai de encontro com a temática lírica da canção, que fala do difícil processo de aceitação pela de sim mesma e as lutas internas nesse sentido pelas quais ela passou."
Roadie Music

"Luna Keller’s vulnerable sharing destigmatizes the non-linear process of healing. Her unguarded openness communicates that our darker impulses don’t define us, but candidly recognising them is vital. It’s a stripped-back, heartrending song buoyed by its authenticity and cathartic wisdom."
Neon Music Blog

"la interpretación vocal toman el protagonismo al desarrollar una narrativa personal la cual se basa en un viaje de autoaceptación durante el proceso de buscar salud mental, «She’s Not Good For Me» es una pista cálida íntima y necesaria para reconocer la importancia de esta etapa del proceso."

"Luna Keller transcends the boundaries of genre, delivering a soul-stirring masterpiece that speaks to the universal human experience of love, loss, and resilience. Through her honest lyrics and emotive vocals, Keller invites listeners on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on the soul long after the final note fades away."
Unheard Gems

"Overtly it is the process of recovery; however, the surreal intensity and raw manner of, well, lifting you out of your body with a soul-stirring, skin-chilling, heart-aching feeling makes it something indescribable. Her new single, ‘She’s Not Good For Me’ captures the line between desperation and understanding that we call acceptance."
Other Side Reviews

Each track so far has been full of astute and vulnerable lyrics and storytelling imagery all brought to life through Luna’s compelling vocals and captivating folk pop arrangements. She’s Not Good For Me is no exception. It makes the point that recovery is never a straight line through a gentle yet melancholic acoustic arrangement and emotional lyrics that leave it all out there. They act as an internal dialogue in the verse before providing a sense of release in a pleading chorus.
York Calling

"While this intimate number is not host to an overpopulated arrangement, it utilizes the sparseness of the production to build a bridge between songwriter and listener– after all, it is often these emotional bonds that lead us to music in the first place. “She’s Not Good For Me” focuses on the raw sounds of an acoustic guitar and Keller’s magnificent vocal, divulging lyrics that introduce us to her inner struggles as though they are an entity. "
Up To Hear

"She's Not Good For Me finds the talented artist embracing vulnerability as she delves into the challenging process of fully accepting oneself, including the darker aspects that led to moments of turmoil. What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how comforting it sounds, with Luna Keller's enchanting vocals capturing our attention from start to finish."
Caesar Live N Loud

"Dengan lirik yang emosional dan melodi yang menghangatkan hati, “Shoulder” membawa pendengar ke dalam cerita tentang teman yang menjadi “lighthouse in the dark,” simbol harapan dan dukungan dalam masa sulit. Luna dan Dom telah memadukan bakat mereka untuk menciptakan suara yang harmonis dan menghibur, yang sangat terasa dalam pertunjukan langsung mereka selama tur bersama."

É um belíssimo trabalho em estilo Folk que encanta e emociona o público ouvinte. O referido single conta com a maravilhosa conexão de um instrumento de cordas que engrandece esse trabalho.
Lançado no dia 25 de abril de 2024, o single “Shoulder” promete muito sucesso. Sua melodia é harmoniosa e suave, consegue trazer alegria e paz aos nossos corações.
Roadie Music

"A canção inicia com um violão habilmente tocado, estabelecendo uma essência folk. À medida que a música avança, uma bateria e um baixo se juntam, complementando a tranquilidade e suavidade da melodia.
Um coro cria o cenário ideal para que a voz encantadora de Luna Keller resplandeça, exibindo um timbre excepcional e um talento singular. Arranjos de guitarra enriquecem a obra, tornando “Shoulder” uma canção deliciosamente agradável para todos."

Music For All

"Luna Keller teamed up with Dom Malin for a new track, “Shoulder.” This track is yet another standout, impressively crafted and executed. The vocals shine brilliantly and harmonize seamlessly with the backing instrumentals. The production quality is truly exceptional, elevating the overall listening experience."
Music On The Rox

"Esta pista presenta una identidad cálida energética y alegre que se desarrolla dentro del Folk y Folk rock, la cual de principio a fin va construyendo y desarrollando un sonido edificante y dinámico que por la parte de la música mantienen a los oyentes dentro de su desarrollo expresivo. Pero sin duda la letra y la interpretación vocal son el gancho empático para conectar con las personas que escuchen esta pista, ya que explora estas conexiones casi mágicas de las amistades como faros de luz en momentos de oscuridad, esta canción termina siendo un abrazo fuerte y cálido necesario entre amigos."

"A poignant tribute to the guiding lights in our lives, Shoulder finds both artists beautifully showcasing their smooth, expressive vocals which exude so much soul and emotion that is impossible not to feel what they are singing about. A cathartic writing process for Luna which shares a message of friendship and being there for each other in moments of need. Apart from the heartfelt lyrics, that resonate with warmth and vulnerability, and their gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the accompanying guitar chords which are seamlessly paired with haunting harmonies and subtle rhythms that together create an overall warm, comforting atmosphere."
Caesar Live n Loud

"Produced by Dominic Romano, ‘Shoulder’ is a wholesome folk song filled with oozing warm embraces after difficult times. Joined by Rich Andruska on banjo and Dom Malin on guitar, the harmonic melody captures the comfort of sitting around a fire and feeling loved. You can practically feel the security and happiness of being around supportive friends as you listen to ‘Shoulder’. While I adore the melody, I find the interplay between Keller and Malin’s vocals heightens the essence of powerful bonds between best friends. "
Other Side Reviews

“Shoulder” sounds as though it has gone straight from the microphone and directly onto magnetic tape– you will not find any modern production antics or any digital artifacts that lead you to believe otherwise. Instead, you will find layers of auxiliary vocals and acoustic instruments in all of their analog, multi-tracked glory, almost as though you’ve stumbled onto a a clearing in the forest of life, where a group of musicians have gathered around a fire to exorcise their emotional demons. It is an epic portrayal of reemergence, providing hope to anyone who’s ever found themselves inside the tarpit of depression.

“It was in 2022 that the two paired up for track Overgrown, and now the Spanish-German Luna and the British Dom have returned with a new duet, Shoulder. With it, they’ve given us a heart-warming and life-affirming message that tells us no matter how dark things get, we can always find a shoulder on which to rest our tired heads.
It’s the latest in Luna’s current string of singles, all exploring her battles with depression and poor mental health. It’s a light moment, articulated beautifully through indie folk sensibilities and always-captivating vocals.”

York Calling

"Sometimes, the most beautiful melodies emerge in the most unexpected moments. Shoulder, a collaborative piece by Luna Keller and Dom Malin, is akin to discovering a flawless seashell amidst a tempestuous shore—a serene treasure unveiled amidst turmoil.
Stripping down to the core, Shoulder weaves a minimalist melody where Luna’s heartfelt vocals and Dom’s intricate guitar harmonise, crafting a poignant expression of the enduring power of companionship."

Neon Music Blog

"Our appreciation for all things Luna Keller gets reinvigorated with the release of her new single Shoulder. A collaboration with notable indie folker Dom Malin, the new single highlights Keller’s smokey delivery. Her voice is intoxicating and Shoulder is the perfect melody to illuminate it.
An indie folk gem with a succulent swinging groove and a clever chorus, Shoulder only pushes Keller’s legend forward. Dig into her catalog, she’s a prolific writer with refreshing stylistic diversity between releases. "
The Wild Is Calling

“From the first note, "Not Ready" captivates with its stunning combination of beautiful plucking and soft, driving drums. The song exudes a folky warmth, drawing listeners into its intimate embrace. Keller's vocals, imbued with a haunting quality, add depth and emotion to the already poignant lyrics.”
Unheard Gems

“An intercontinental piece produced by US-based Dominic Romano, ‘Not Ready’ brings kaleidoscopic intensity to the simplicity of folk music. A guitar-driven single, there is a soothing nature to the folk song; however, Thomas LaVine’s underlying drums bring an edginess to the soft tone – as if a heart pulsating beneath a mystical soul. Keller’s obscure vocals always remind me of a mystical siren running through a dark forest. Always a fantastical whisper of song, but simultaneously a bold and commanding rush of dulcet vocals; Keller showcases the power of a whisper in ‘Not Ready’.”
Other Side Reviews

“Luna Keller strikes gold on her convincing new single Not Ready.  A highlight in a string of recent thematic releases, Not Ready represents Chapter VI of her Oceans Inside of Me project, an album paired with a video series that spans a realm of complicated emotions with metaphorically rich imagery. 
The Wild Is Calling

True to form, Not Ready is beautifully produced and shines her vocal talents in a gorgeous light.  Beyond the collective project, it’s also a fine stand alone single with a hypnotic hook that grabs you for a second listen. “

“Sus tonos son delicados, una conexión de emociones que sabrán hacerse sentir en tu estado de ánimo con su interpretación. Es un agradable viaje musical.
En cuanto al clip es una producción que se lleva nuestros aplausos, supieron combinar el material audiovisual de manera exquisita, le damos nuestras cinco estrellas.”

Zone Nights

“Lagu ini menawarkan suara yang jujur dan mentah tentang perjuangan kesehatan mental, dengan vokal khas yang membawa lirik yang penuh perenungan dan pertanyaan tentang bagaimana mengakhiri rasa sakit tanpa mengakhiri diri sendiri menunjukkan kedalaman introspeksi Keller.”

With absolutely beautiful and wonderfully captivating soundscape, she lets her voice come alive and pull us in from the moment we press play. She also embraces the lyrics fully, making sure the feelings and emotions that are part of them resonate with all who listen from start to end in a natural and palpable fashion.
Wolf in a suit

"É uma canção emocionalmente carregada, é certo, mas com uma energia gritante e raios de luz que não nos deixam ir abaixo. A melodia chega-nos fluída, crescente, mais suaves nos versos e mais vibrante por alturas do refrão, cheia de harmonias vivas e de acordes calorosos. Confesso que me rendi à progressão das linhas de guitarra, dedilhadas e luminosas, que, acompanhadas por banjo e sintetizadores, resultam num ambiente cativante."
Phonograph me

“Luna Keller gives a refreshing voice to the Indie-folk music scene. With her newest release, “Not Ready”, she really focuses on the lyrical elements that really tie a story together. She does so with a slow and steady instrumental arrangement of guitars alongside a soft depiction of vocals.

You can really feel the passion present within her vocal range and the rawness in between her transition of words. You can tell she is really pouring herself into telling this personal story through sound.”
Music and Fashion Blog

“A cantora Luna Keller acalenta a cena da música folk ao apresentar seu novo single “Not Ready”, uma canção delicada e acolhedora. O single foi lançado na última quinta-feira (28), e já se encontra disponível nas principais plataformas digitais de música. Numa performance doce e especial, a artista expressa sua arte de um jeito encantador, causando ao ouvinte um impacto muito positivo. A voz de Luna Keller floresce em cada nota e deixa uma sensação de aconchego. Não deixe de apreciar o single “Not Ready” e conhecer mais do trabalho da artista, que é um achado no meio musical.”
Roadie Music

“Not Ready dares to dive deeper and confront life’s harsh truths without flinching. It’s a rallying cry for those battling their own demons. Luna Keller’s willingness to confront her struggles with such unflinching honesty is a profound artistic statement a gift from an artist who has walked through the valley of darkness and emerged with insights to share”
Neon Music

“Esta canción nos recibe con una combinación íntima entre una guitarra brillante y una voz profunda la cual nos va guiando a través de una narrativa llena de emociones, pero sobretodo empatía, conforme avanza la canción en la base rítmica suma un dinamismo profundo e interesante a la narrativa de la canción, mientras que una atmósfera discreta pero expansiva hace que las emociones a su vez crezcan y sean transmitidas de forma natural a los oídos y corazones de los oyentes.”

“I am a fan of Luna Keller's enchanting vocals and ethereal-like harmonies that effortlessly create such a warm, comforting atmosphere that allows for her storytelling to soar. You can clearly feel the emotion pouring from her delivery, instantly connecting us to her powerful declaration of the will to fight and live through her mental health battles. A relatable storytelling that is enhanced by a dynamic production that pairs her gorgeous vocals with killer drums (played by Thomas LaVine) seamlessly paired with cool guitar plucks and echoing harmonies.”
Caesar Live N Loud

“Inner battles, that's the subject of this concept album that classifies in chronological order the stages one may go through when our mind and body are no longer in agreement. "Not Ready" is, one might say, the chapter where everything changes. And the music video illustrates very well this logical sequence of stages, where we can see Luna chained by ropes to trees in the middle of the forest, fighting with this certain death standing in front of her.

Fortunately, whether in this very realistic illustration or in real life, Luna survives and ultimately escapes her grim fate. And we are indeed glad that this is the case so she can now tell us this incredible story, with the talent we know she has.

Do I still need to remind you of the precision with which Luna works? Whether visually or musically, her talent is pushed to the extreme, starting with the writing, and that haunting line: "How do I end this pain without ending myself?"
Indie Music Center

“Her latest is titled Not Ready and marks a turning point in the album’s journey, moving from drowning in depression and mental health struggles to finding the will to fight, and reaching out for support. In the track, Luna captures both the light and the dark of the moment beautifully, and the emotion comes through strongly in its delicate, nuanced and slow-building instrumental, and her ever-expressive vocals.”
York Calling

“Ich liebe es, auf welche kreative Art und Weise die in Köln beheimatete Singer-Songwriterin Luna Keller ihre Artworks und Musik kreiert. Nach einigen Vorstellungen möchten wir auch ihr heute erschienenes Werk ‘Not Ready’ hier bzw. auf unserer Playlist mit euch teilen. Eine wunderbare Folk Produktion mit wahrhaftig schönen Melodien sowie einer unverkennbaren Stimme im Fokus.”
Berlin On air

“She’s made it very easy to lose yourself within her sound. Not only is the subject matter deeply relatable, but Keller’s managed to make her music sound as though you’re having a private conversation with someone who trusts you completely with the entire contents of their heart. And as she reaches into her falsetto for the refrain, it is truly enough to bring you to tears, particularly if you, too, have traversed the darkness of mental/ emotional desolation.”
Up To Hear


“Sin dudas, es una artista que sabe conectar con lo más profundo de las emociones, en su voz y cada nota, despertará una emoción diferente, dependerá mucho de tu estado de ánimo al momento de escuchar la pista, lo que es seguro, podrás flotar por 04:05 minutos.” 
Zone Nights

“Wer schon länger hier mitliest, dürfte die talentierte Kölner Musikerin Luna Keller bereits aus unseren letzten Posts kennen. Falls nicht, ist ihr neuer Titel ‘If I Was No More’ die Gelegenheit, die eigene Playlist um einen wirklich schönen und berührenden Indie Folk Song zu erweitern. Zum Vorschein kommt ein gefühlvoller und dezent melancholischer Akustikgitarrensound, untermalt von einem wunderbaren Cello und mit einer sehr ehrlichen und authentischen Stimme im Fokus.”
Berlin On Air

“ I am loving the tremor in her emotional, but asserting, vocal delivery that effortlessly enhances the heartwrenching honesty in her lyrics. I am really enjoying the melancholia in the song that is carried by the bittersweet arrangement that features haunting guitar by Ben Greenberg and a soul-stirring string arrangement by Harley Eblen.”
Caesar Live & Loud

“Chapter five of the project has been released today, entitled If I Was No More. Like the previous chapters, it’s an introspective and unflinchingly dark track exploring mental health struggles. Luna describes it as the album’s emotional low point, and it doesn’t hold back with its story of wanting to let life go. Yet, it is buoyed by the track’s light acoustic arrangement and Luna’s lilting and breath-taking vocals, and the track ends big with a powerful resolution.”
York Calling

“Yes, I cried too the first time I heard this song, a few weeks ago. Because it hits hard! But today, I'm more inclined to cry tears of joy, so thrilled that this gem is now available to everyone, because I know it will help lost souls.”
Indie Music Center

There’s a haunting energy to the acoustic guitar that opens this track. The first line is, “oh what a mess to be broken…” Wow. The song captures an intimacy and connection. “The weight of the world, the clothes on the floor.” I won’t pretend to know the full context of the lyrical meaning here, but it’s certainly heavy and personal. This intimate acoustic folk song is poetic, sure to connect for some listeners who have felt this same sense of vulnerability. 

Given our uncertain and somewhat disconcerting society, it is important to always look forward to something. This might be a weekly episode of your favourite television show, or it might be the upcoming release of your favourite band’s new album. For us, we are constantly looking forward to the next release by Luna Keller. Since October 2023, singer-songwriter Luna Keller has released a single per month building up to her highly anticipated album. Come with me as I jump into her latest single, ‘Swallow The Sea’.

Yearning string arrangements, endless layers of guitar and heart-wrenching lyrics make up the strong foundations for this track, each intricately produced and flawlessly performed, whilst the accompanying video and single artwork carry on from previous tracks to help narrate the journey between the lines. 

Hiding it is perhaps a natural reaction to struggling mentally and I, for one, have certainly been there. It can only last so long, though, and will leave you feeling isolated and that’s exactly the message of Swallow the Sea. It’s delivered through meditative, melancholic acoustic chords and intimate vocals. Luna has a way of wearing her heart off her sleeve with her music and her latest might be her most devastating yet.

"Swallow The Sea" showcases a more melodic and slow-paced nature of Luna Keller's work while still keeping the quality high as always.” - It’s All Indie

“This raw and engaging, stripped-back number opens to the gloriously lo-fi tones of an acoustic guitar. Its reverberated strums delicately set a dark and somber mood for yet another emotionally charged performance from Keller. On this occasion, she maintains a magnificently intimate production, with her gentle-spirited voice carefully double-tracked, completely nailing our preferences for the genre.”

Luna Keller regresó a Zone Nights para compartirnos su reciente sencillo. Linda canción para ambientar un atardecer de verano, hablamos de Swallow The Sea. Su voz es la guía perfecta para éste viaje musical, solo tenés que dejar fluir tu energía, no pierdas la oportunidad de experimentar con la pista.

"Mit der wunderschönen Zeile ‚Stop the bleeding, keep breathing‘ hatte mich die talentierte Songwriterin Luna Keller. Ein weiterer Meilenstein im jungen Songwriter-Leben von Luna.”

The video for ‘Swallow The Sea’ is a more fantastical version of the isolation many of us experience while struggling with our mental health; whether surrounded by friends, family, colleagues or classmates, our psychological battles can be all consuming.

“Luna Keller's profound affinity with the indie folk idiom radiates through "Swallow The Sea." The song's layered vocals and dreamlike guitars pay homage to the genre's emotive narrative, forging a piece that reverberates with sincerity and vulnerability.”

“The song’s atmospheric blend of acoustic folk and indie influences, coupled with its emotionally charged lyrics, makes it a compelling and thought-provoking addition to Luna Keller’s repertoire. Bravo to Luna Keller for using her musical talents to touch the hearts of those seeking emotional solace.”


‘Patterns’ is yet one more powerful example of Luna’s artistic versatility and skill, and it underscores her prowess as one of the finest songwriters and storytellers around.

As always, it’s Luna’s lyrics that shine the brightest. Rich and relatable, they simply captivates.

Musiknya sendiri adalah perpaduan hangat vokalnya sudah kita kenal kekuatannya dengan melodi yang tenang namun kaya akan emosi membuat lagu ini menjadi sesuatu yang dapat dinikmati dalam kesendirian, menemani renungan tentang kehidupan.

Neben der originellen Instrumentierung ist es natürlich auch die unverkennbare Stimme im Fokus, die Luna Kellers Musik einzigartig macht.

O indie-folk de preceitos hipnóticos, é devidamente adornado pela suntuosa voz de Keller, que promove um diálogo entre feeling “acessivamente” exasperado na condução da narrativa, com permeios de sofreguidão emocional.

After over three years of meticulous perfection, Luna bears to audiences a slice of art that excels all expectations of what an album could be, showing sound, lyrics and visuals alike to represent the most haunting of mental journeys that likely anyone can relate to in some way.

A nova música é altamente envolvente sofisticada, sutil, com uma melodia viciante e um instrumental elegante, mostrando o potencial,  talento e qualidade da Luna.

Patterns se compone por melodías sublimes que junto a su voz se entremezclan de manera perfecta lo que produce un sinfín de sensaciones al momento de escucharlo.

Luna Keller fearlessly shares her narrative, extending an invitation to listeners to embrace their complexities and discover solace in the universal quest for self-understanding.

‚Patterns‘ ist der neueste Song und man kann sofort erkennen, wie sehr sich Luna Keller entwickelt hat.