Colaborations and Features

Live It All

Luna Keller and Clouds and Thorns

This is my second release with Rich from Clouds and Thorns. He is a great musician and it is always an honor to collaborate with him. 

The Best Days

Luna Keller and Clouds and Thorns

Making this optimistic and hopeful song with Rich was insanely fun. This is the first of three happy summer songs we will release together.


Luna Keller and Dom Malin

Whether it’s a person or a place that doesn’t exist anymore, there’s memories and moments that tie us to them all our lives.

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Midnight Queen

Eric Bay & Luna Keller

This is my very first collab. Eric and I wrote it and recorded it remotely by sending tracks back and forth.

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By the coast

Thomas LaVine feat. Luna Keller

When Thomas asked me to sing on this song I simply couldn't say no. It's beautiful and moves me to this day.


Never in my dreams

Dominic Romano feat. Luna Keller

When Dominic sent me this song I had goosebumps and I loved singing on it!



Joe Pope feat. Luna Keller

It was really fun to write and sing my vocal part for this one. Joe is a wonderful artist.


Look to the sky

Brady Jo feat. Luna Keller

I loved exploring a different side of my vocals for this collab with the wonderful Brady Jo.