Lyrics and Music by Luna Keller

Vocals - Luna Keller

Guitars, recording and editing by - Roger Keller

Percussions, edited and mixed by - Uli Pfannmüller
TonUP Studio

Mastered by - Andreas Balaskas
Masterlab Mastering

Michael Rand for about Packing my Bags:

'When I first sat down to write this review for Luna Keller’s new summer single “Packing My Bags,” I couldn’t really make up my mind whether or not Keller reminds me more of Dean Ween or Bob Dylan. Sure, she has all of the giddy eccentricity of Ween, along with his stylishly creative guitar licks, but her voice pushed the envelope a bit like Dylan’s trademark rebelliousness.'

About Packing my bags

I wrote this song in my room, without really knowing what I was writing about. This happens to me quite a lot... and in this case it turned out to be good.

I played it to my parents and they really liked it (all my songs have to pass the "parents' opinion" test).

So my dad and I recorded it together. We changed some things while recording, like the double chorus at the end. After a lot of teamwork the final version was ready.

Now the song feels like travelling with adventures, new people and sometimes a bit lonely too.

I remember playing it on the streets of Waterford in Ireland and feeling a strong connection.

I'm a traveller too, with the hope to find my destination.


Sitting on my bed packing my bags
hoping that someone calls me back
planning my next trip on a map
alone I'm travelling around the world

I would wish that someone asked me to stay
because I'm getting tired of walking away
my only destination is hope
and I'm missing home

I love the adventures that I have
I'd just like to have a place to come back
a warm house with friends to tell them my stories
Yes I'd really like someone to call me back
next time I pack my bags

Do you know how it feels to travel non stop
to live in a train with nowhere to go
And everybody knows me 'round the globe
but when I'm down I've got nowhere to go
The sun and the moon are my only friends
oh I really need a home

My plane goes in an hour and I have to go
but I'll leave you this short letter just to let you know
that I would like you to be my home
to take you every where I go
So if you come with me I'll never leave you alone
and if we find our place we'll build a home
and tell our friends the stories of our journey
please come with me

I love the adventures that I have
I'd just like someone to hold my hand
next time I pack my bags

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