About me

Hi! Thank you for visiting my page!

If you don't know me, I'm a singer songwriter with a dream and passion for music and connection.

I have a very musical family, so music was part of my life since I was small. I remember listening to my parents doing music when I was a little girl and singing along getting all the lyrics wrong. My dad (who is an amazing musician and helps me a lot) gave me the opportunity to try many instruments, but I must admit that as a child I didn't manage to stick with one for more than a year. But then it happened. I was thirteen when I picked up one of my dad's guitars and ...fell in love!

My dad "borrowed" me a guitar (and he told me it was mine after a year), and I strummed my first chord: E minor. About two days later I wrote my first song on the guitar called "I can play E minor" (ok, I admit that it was terrible, but fun)... and so I got started. Soon I discovered that I could write songs about other things than the chords I'm playing, and I started writing about things that happened in my life or I just told stories with my songs. My dad helped me to improve my guitar playing, I started practising every day and wrote lots of songs. My mum (who is a great singer and plays the piano beautifully) taught me more about how to use my voice properly. I have been singing in the choir with her since I was 8.

One day I sat in my room with my guitar, my fingers hurting after practicing, a song written on the paper in front of me and I knew... this is it! Maybe I knew before, but at this moment I realized that I found my true passion. My dad and I started recording songs and after one year I started to busk downtown on weekends.

Now I've played on stages all over Europe and have collaborated with many great musicians who inspire me. I've chosen my way, and I love it in a way I can't describe, it truly makes me happy. Two years ago I moved to Germany and I've been a full time musician since! Currently I am releasing one song a month from my second album "Ocean Inside Of Me". 

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