A Ray Of Light started out as a sad song I needed to write because I was feeling low. But I quickly realised I really needed to write about home. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own heads, to only see the negativ sides in life. But in reality most of the times things are getting better. Sometimes all we have to do is to look for the things that make us happy. 

After finishing the writing process I played it to my parents and my mum immediately declared A Ray Of Light to her favourite song of mine. She actually started immediately singing along in the second chorus. You can hear her voice in the final recording, alongside my wonderful dad’s guitars. The bass and drums where recorded in a session with Wolf Simon and Ben Simon last November - my Dad and I recorded most of the EP’s demos with them and we kept going from there. The final addition to ‚A Ray of Light‘ was the string arrangement by the brilliant Bruce White. 

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