My Supporters

I am really grateful for the people and companies that support me on my music journey. These contributions allow me to keep creating and being a full time musician, and I cannot express how much I appreciate them. 

Being an independent artist comes with its challenges and uncertainties, but having this wonderful village behind me believing in my art and backing me up keeps me going. This support helps me to fund recordings, collaborate with other artists, and invest in videos, shaping my growth as an artist.

I am deeply grateful for the support I receive and want to thank you all for being an integral part of my musical family and for helping me turn my dreams into reality.

Big musician hugs,

Luna Keller is my favorite singer-song writer, she has a such a gift to turn life experiences and emotions into beautiful lyrics. Supporting Luna Keller means I can contribute to making her wonderful music reach the hearts of many people around the world.
Catarina (Luna's patreon)

Not only does Luna own beautifully honed talents but also seems to have a deep connection with her own soul.
The ability to describe feelings within her songs like no other I have ever heard before.
Wonderfully crafted poetry, from beginning to end. U'll be taken on a magnificent journey.
Brodie Paget - Poet (Coffee table Poems 2004) and Luna's Patreon supporter.

As a traveling artist Journey Instruments travelling guitar has been an absolute game changer and reliable companion on my journeys (no pun intended). I’ve owned their travel guitar for years now and played gigs on it all over Europe - being able to take my guitar with me as hand luggage is a game changer! After a while I reached out to them since I’m such a big fan and got the offer to become an official Journey artist. They’re a really lovely company and I really appreciate their support!


My music doesn't use a lot of obvious synth sounds, but there are always some sounds in the background to have different textures. Waldorf synths and plugins are my go to tools for these sounds.

 b4 have been a part of my journey from the very start, helping me out with top notch studio gear and instruments, opening their doors to me and believing in my music. Another genuinely wonderful company full of wonderful and passionate people that I feel super lucky to be connected to.

Studio One is the DAW of my choice and I absolutely love recording and working with it. Its intuitive layouts and amazing inbuilt plugins make all the difference to my recordings. I am deeply grateful to Presonus for providing me with such a fantastic software!

I also use their Audio Interfaces and the Revelator streaming mic for my livestreams when I am on the road and it’s absolutely excellent.