"Swallow The Sea" is one of the last songs written for "Ocean Inside Of Me," after realizing that all the songs I had written about shame didn’t fit the story of the album. There were some really dark songs full of anger at myself that felt cathartic to write but did not belong on the album. It’s almost ironic that the hardest song to write was the one about keeping my struggles hidden. I wanted the song to express how my mind isolated me from the people who love me, how detached from reality and lost I felt. And since I hadn’t dared to write those words at the time, I found them in my healing process from a place of reflection.

A good friend once told me that my map wasn’t aligned with reality, referring to the image I was painting of myself. "Swallow The Sea" is a look at that map, feeling worthless, broken, and scared in the echo chamber of my mind. "Hold your heart tight, say it’s alright, swallow the sea" - my head created this narrative that my worth was defined by me pushing through on my own and not being a burden to the people I love. This mindset kept me from reaching out for help for a long time. I hope that this song will make those who might be in a similar situation feel less alone and maybe help adjust their map a little.

This is the clearest indie folk song on the album. Production-wise, I felt it was asking for that direction, and Dominic Romano did an amazing job creating that sound. Indie Folk has been one of my favorite genres to listen to for years, and even though I really enjoy moving between genres, it is also nice to create a song that falls more clearly into one of them. So here’s a sad indie folk song from my heart to yours.


Oh what a mess to be broken
You couldn’t guess the words never spoken
Beautiful girl, not like before
The weight of the world, the clothes on the floor

Stop the bleeding
Just keep breathing
Stay with me
Hold your heart tight
Say it’s alright
Swallow the sea

Wasting away on the sidewalk
Hear them whisper that it’s my fault
I feel their eyes on my body
My mind tells me what they see

Stop the bleeding
Just keep breathing
Stay with me
Hold your heart tight
Say it’s alright
Swallow the sea

Oh what a mess to be broken

What the press says:

There’s a haunting energy to the acoustic guitar that opens this track. The first line is, “oh what a mess to be broken…” Wow. The song captures an intimacy and connection. “The weight of the world, the clothes on the floor.” I won’t pretend to know the full context of the lyrical meaning here, but it’s certainly heavy and personal. This intimate acoustic folk song is poetic, sure to connect for some listeners who have felt this same sense of vulnerability. 

Given our uncertain and somewhat disconcerting society, it is important to always look forward to something. This might be a weekly episode of your favourite television show, or it might be the upcoming release of your favourite band’s new album. For us, we are constantly looking forward to the next release by Luna Keller. Since October 2023, singer-songwriter Luna Keller has released a single per month building up to her highly anticipated album. Come with me as I jump into her latest single, ‘Swallow The Sea’.

Yearning string arrangements, endless layers of guitar and heart-wrenching lyrics make up the strong foundations for this track, each intricately produced and flawlessly performed, whilst the accompanying video and single artwork carry on from previous tracks to help narrate the journey between the lines. 

Hiding it is perhaps a natural reaction to struggling mentally and I, for one, have certainly been there. It can only last so long, though, and will leave you feeling isolated and that’s exactly the message of Swallow the Sea. It’s delivered through meditative, melancholic acoustic chords and intimate vocals. Luna has a way of wearing her heart off her sleeve with her music and her latest might be her most devastating yet.

"Swallow The Sea" showcases a more melodic and slow-paced nature of Luna Keller's work while still keeping the quality high as always.” - It’s All Indie

“This raw and engaging, stripped-back number opens to the gloriously lo-fi tones of an acoustic guitar. Its reverberated strums delicately set a dark and somber mood for yet another emotionally charged performance from Keller. On this occasion, she maintains a magnificently intimate production, with her gentle-spirited voice carefully double-tracked, completely nailing our preferences for the genre.”

Luna Keller regresó a Zone Nights para compartirnos su reciente sencillo. Linda canción para ambientar un atardecer de verano, hablamos de Swallow The Sea. Su voz es la guía perfecta para éste viaje musical, solo tenés que dejar fluir tu energía, no pierdas la oportunidad de experimentar con la pista.

"Mit der wunderschönen Zeile ‚Stop the bleeding, keep breathing‘ hatte mich die talentierte Songwriterin Luna Keller. Ein weiterer Meilenstein im jungen Songwriter-Leben von Luna.”

The video for ‘Swallow The Sea’ is a more fantastical version of the isolation many of us experience while struggling with our mental health; whether surrounded by friends, family, colleagues or classmates, our psychological battles can be all consuming.

“Luna Keller's profound affinity with the indie folk idiom radiates through "Swallow The Sea." The song's layered vocals and dreamlike guitars pay homage to the genre's emotive narrative, forging a piece that reverberates with sincerity and vulnerability.”

“The song’s atmospheric blend of acoustic folk and indie influences, coupled with its emotionally charged lyrics, makes it a compelling and thought-provoking addition to Luna Keller’s repertoire. Bravo to Luna Keller for using her musical talents to touch the hearts of those seeking emotional solace.”

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Luna Keller - Vocals & Guitar

Produced and Mixed by Dominic Romano
Mastered by Sam Moses

Dominic Romano - Acoustic Guitars, Synths, Keys, Percussion

Evan Morden - Violin