About No Man's Land

No Man’s Land” is a song I wrote when I was 15 years old, at a time where music became a big part of my life and I started considering to become a full time musician (so cool to think that it worked out, it felt very daunting at the time). As an indie artist there really is not one clear path to success, to be fair, I think that applies to being a human being in general.

Often we just need to go for things, sometimes they will work out, sometimes they won’t. Ultimately what matters isn’t how many attempts we needed, all that matters is that we kept going and stayed true to ourselves. You are creating your own story, your own path, as you walk into new unknown territories. 

Sometimes it really feels like you’re a conqueror without a sword, and it takes a lot to move forward. “No Man’s Land” is about those doubts too, but at it’s core it’s about being passionate, burning for something and following it fearlessly. It’s about embracing the highs and lows along the way because you know that they will allow you to grow and become who you want to be. It’s about faith in yourself and the future, an almost naive and outrageous belief that things will work out if you follow your heart.

When I wrote this song, more than 5 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of being where I am now, a full time musician that gets to create and share her art with the world. I am really grateful for that, I really have come far. But it’s also true that I’m still on my way. There are a lot of uncertainties to face, a lot of places to grow. And that’s ok, because I’m on my way, and this way is my home.


I'm on my way 
You know that
Taking steps
Into no man’s land
I walk to slow 
And think to fast
Hoping that my luck will last

I'm on my way
Into no mans land
A conqueror without a sword at hand

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
To be better than today
So one day I'll say
I made mistakes
It’s what it takes
A low for every high
Yet I learned to fly

Into no mans land
Where even silence is to loud
When no one‘s there to hold my hand
I want to make myself proudpage1image56844736.png page1image56842048.png

I'm on my way
Into no mans land
Always walk
Never stand

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
To be better than today
So one day I'll say
I made mistakes
It’s what it takes
A low for every high
Yet I learned to fly

What the press says

Luna Keller transporte dans un univers cinématographique entre la pop et la country. Une ballade un peu nostalgique. No Man’s land rappelle d’ailleur des faux airs de l’artsite Avril Lavigne dans ses débuts.

No Man’s Land’ is a raw and honest song that is sure to have you inspired and wanting more.. keep an eye out for Luna Keller’s upcoming album.
Couch Mag

Luna Keller’s music has a magic power in them as if she reads your mind. No matter what stage you’re in, you can always take something from her words.

This song has had us feeling amazing this morning and we know that once you listen to it, you will feel the same.
Gifted Balance Records

There is just brilliant development throughout this song. It maintains interest right to the very last note of this extremely radio friendly singer-songwriter gem.
Send Me Your Ears

Luna Keller é uma artista completa, que sabe como encaixar sua belíssima voz em uma melodia perfeita, cheia de climas e nuances, que chega até nós de forma muito especial nos encantando e deixando sua marca muito bem registrada em nossos ouvidos.
Roadie Music

There’s a signature honesty present in this tune (and most of the other tunes of the talented singer).
kms reviews

Para nosotros es una de las mejores canciones que hemos escuchado de las propuestas que estamos reciendo en las últimas semanas (y recibimos muchas…).
Planeta Musik

Keller lends a reassuring hand with a proper tribute for the bold and the unflappable.  Like a friend she walks you into the unknown on this soul crusader lullaby.
The Wild Is Calling

This honest and vulnerable message is wrapped around a folk-tinged indie-pop production packed with lush strings nicely intertwined with steady drums and cool guitar plucks that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for her lovely, emotive vocals to soar.
Caesar Live N Load

I loved how easily the vocals brought intensity to the light atmosphere without losing the core energy of the song.
Indie Top 39

In many ways, No Man’s Land feels like classic song writing but it’s the modern and unexpected elements that really make it.
York Calling

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Lyrics and music by Luna Keller

Vocals - Luna Keller

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, recording and editing - Roger Keller

Keyboards - Ralf Erkel

Drums - Jason Meekins

Edited and mixed by - Uli Pfannmüller - TonUP Studio

Mastered by - Andreas Balaskas - Masterlab Mastering

Cover by - Lara Gimero

Produced by Roger Keller & Uli Pfannmüller