We can only see the stars at night, and walking through our darkness can help us to see and appreciate our own light more. I don’t want to take away from how terrible it was to go through depression, definitely do not recommend that experience. But I did go through it and since I can’t change that I might as well try to get something positive out of it. The truth is that before things got bad I hadn’t really faced myself and accepted myself fully. The inner work I had to do to pull myself out of that whole has become the foundation to the much healthier and joyful relationship that I have with myself - “Now I wear joyfully the colours that paint all of me”.

“Lighter Than Before” was written in a moment of deep joy, of realizing that I’ve come home within myself after a long time disconnected. After the storm the sun shines, it smells like rain and I am excited about what the future brings. I love how this song evolved in production working with the wonderful Dominic Romano, he added the lovely he-ey choir (which is the only time my parents participated on this album) and the upbeat folky vibe. Even knowing that life has it’s highs and lows its alright to appreciate and celebrate the good moments, maybe it’s the contrast to the bad ones that makes them even more beautiful. “Today I saw a flower grow from concrete walls, I felt the warmth of a new sun”

I hope this song can be a soundtrack for joyful moments that celebrate life but also a reminder that even after the darkest night the sun will rise again. 


Close my eyes
Take it in
The sun feels warm on my skin
Feel the air
Hear it sing
What a beautiful day to begin

I feel lighter than before
I feel lighter and I wanna know
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings

Side by side
As we talk
I stand on my own feet I walk
Now I wear
The colours that paint all of me

I feel lighter than before
I feel lighter and I wanna know
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings

Cause today I saw a flower grow
from concrete walls
I felt the warmth of a new sun
It’s been a while since I stood this tall

I feel lighter than before
I feel lighter and I wanna know
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings
What tomorrow brings

What the press says:

"Lindo e emocionante o trabalho incrível da artista Luna Keller que narra sua luta contra a depressão. De volta ao cenário musical a artista lança um grande espetáculo, o single “Lighter Than Before”. O single explora o momento em que Luna Keller se encontra mais leve e mais disposta e fascina o público. O single “Lighter Than Before” foi apresentado ao público em 26 de junho e fala da conquista da artista, sua renovação e autoaceitação. Revela sua alegria e compreensão em voltar para casa depois de passar um momento desconectada. "
Roadie Music

"This ninth piece of her conceptual debut album reflects strikingly against the bleak shades of these precious moments, therefore offering a delightful pause in the course of her narration. With imagery like a flower that rose out the concrete and the warmth of a new sun, Luna's lyrics remind us that as important as it is to face our darkness, it is equally important to embrace our light."
Sounds On The Couch

"Luna Keller recently released a new track, “Lighter Than Before.” This song is impeccably crafted. The vocals are breathtaking and harmonize seamlessly with the instrumentals. It’s undoubtedly a standout among this week’s releases. Don’t forget to add this track to your playlists."
Music On The Rox

Keller’s delivery is raw and authentic and there is a warmth to her tone that perfectly complements the song’s themes of renewal and self-discovery. Lyrically, the track encapsulates the spirit of resilience and growth. Keller’s metaphors of flowers breaking through concrete and the warmth of a new sun resonate strongly, offering hope without downplaying the struggles that preceded this moment of clarity.
Neon Music Blog

La interpretación vocal de Luna, cuya calidez y empatía brillan, logra conectar de manera profunda con las emociones del oyente, siendo la voz la columna vertebral de la canción y la letra su conexión natural con las emociones. El acompañamiento musical aporta una identidad discreta pero única que envuelve a los escuchas en este universo sonoro, permitiendo una conexión empática genuina. Sin duda, «Lighter Than Before» es un abrazo cálido para todos los oyentes.

"Layers of vocal harmonies descend upon the soundscape, making it impossible for your soul not to crack a smile– to cheer for this protagonist that we’ve all come to know over the course of this musical journey. Each new song from Keller’s forthcoming LP presents itself as another chapter of a mellifluent novel that allows listeners to put a soundtrack to the ebb and flow of living."
Up to Hear

"The easy-going and uplifting nature of the sound feels truly rousing and charming throughout, especially when compared to some of the darker and more intense moments that have consumed some of the artist’s journey and her tracks. There is a sense of joy and relief that radiates throughout the track, having emerged from her darkness and hopefully facing a future that of renewal and resilience that means that these times are behind her. Luna Keller has always been a master of conveying different emotions and themes through her art, and this track does a great job of showering everything around it with the kind of tension-releasing euphoria that the track celebrates throughout."

"One aspect I love about Keller’s music is how her vocals effortlessly capture each emotion in a pitch-perfect tone. Unlike ‘If I Was No More’, the painful torment disappears in ‘Lighter Than Before’; however, the hint of frailty continues but with strong empowerment and joy. With her voice and poetic lyricism, Keller tells us that we can overcome struggles to reach a happier place, but the vulnerability experienced and left behind is what makes us stronger."
The Other Side Reviews

“Lighter Than Before” is undoubtedly the folkiest and brightest song of this musical epic, in which the artist rediscovers herself and recovers from a very dark period. And the first verse sets the tone: “The sun feels warm on my skin / Feel the air / Hear it sing / What a beautiful day to begin". Yes, the Luna who wakes up at the beginning of the song and the music video is different. She displays a big smile on her face which is so nice to see, we have almost shed a tear."
Indie Music Center

"German singer-songwriter showcases her new album with this rich and dreamy new delight"
Mystic Sons

"Taken from her forthcoming album Ocean Inside of Me, Lighter Than Before finds the talented artist showcasing a more upbeat and uplifting side to her music, contrasting with the darker songs on the album allowing a moment of pure bliss. Keller celebrates reaching a place of renewed joy and self-acceptance after struggling with depression, a song written from a place of deep joy and the realization of coming home to oneself after a long period of disconnection. It aims to remind listeners that, just as it is important to face our darkness, it's also important to embrace our light."
Caesar Live N Loud

"Her latest Lighter Than Before is the ninth track and video in the series, and explores the moments after the darkness, when one has been through a mental health battle and has come out the other side. It is, of course, a light and airy number where the warmth of Luna’s vocals are smile-inducing. The imagery of her lyrics brings its emotion to life and a soaring, folksy chorus will lift your heart."
York Calling

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Luna Keller - Vocals

Produced and Mixed by Dominic Romano

Mastered by Sam Moses

Dominic Romano - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Banjo, Synths, Percussion, Addtl Vocals

“Hey” Group: Daniela Herzberg, Roger Keller, Dillon Arevalo