Lyrics by Luna Keller

Music by Luna Keller and Pablo Heer

Vocals and Backing Vocals - Luna Keller

Guitars, recording and editing by - Roger Keller

Guitar solo by - Pablo Heer

Piano, Bass and recording by - Ralf Erkel

Drums & Percussions - Dave Mette

Additional Percussion, Drum recording, editing and mixing by - Uli Pfannmüller
TonUP Studio

Mastered by - Steve Corraro
Sage Audio/Nashville

About I don't know where I'm going

One of my favourite stories is Alice in Wonderland. It has inspired me since I was a child. At one point Alice meets the Cheshire Cat and wants to know where to go. The cat asks her where she wants to go and when Alice answers that she doesn’t know it says it doesn’t matter.

This made me wonder, is knowing where you’re going really that important? Most of the times we focus on the goal and how to get there. In the process we forget about to enjoy the bits and pieces on the way to our goals. This is what inspired me to write this song. The way can be the goal, it can become a kind of a home.

The cats message is clear: We don’t have to know where we want to go, ‘cause this way is our home. It’s alright to live in the moment and we don’t have to have it all figured out to enjoy life.


3000 miles from home, trying to say,
that I will get there soon
30 days I walked, down this way,
singing my madness to the moon

I met a cat on a tree, and it talked to me,
about things we don’t see
I asked it how do I know, which is the right way to go,
to get me home

It said

Just don't look for a reason, don't look for another way
Because any way will get you home
You can't get lost, if you don't know where you go
And any way will get you…

Home, it's the right way it said if you just go your way
Home, no you aren't lost, just go and trust yourself

I felt so lost in life, felt like I'd never arrive
My perspective was wrong
If I don't know where I'm going I can't get lost
This way is my…

Home, it's the right way it said if you just go your way
Home, no you aren't lost, just go and trust yourself

Maybe tonight I’m not getting home
And I don't know where I wanna go,
Maybe tonight I'll knock on the wrong door
Maybe tonight I'll sleep on the floor
But it's alright, I'm already home, I'm already home
This is right, I don't have to know where I wanna go
cause this way is my home

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