What the press says

We hope that you have some tissues ready for this absolutely mystifying single that’s bound to dip deep down into your heart and bring up all those melancholic emotions.

Die Künstlerin enthüllt eine besonders ehrliche, unverfälschte und authentische Stimme, die unter die Haut geht und uns auf Anhieb positiv aufgefallen ist.
Berlin on Air

She really pours her heart out in this intimate piece and her pleading vocals are utterly compelling. Simple plucked strings swell into a rich arrangement for the chorus. It’s exquisite.
York Calling

The result is a remarkably honest and contemplative tune that stays with you well after your first listen. She’s a ridiculously talented musician, and we’ll never fall out of love with Luna Keller! 
Indie Top 39

E essa é uma daquelas canções preciosas, gostosas de se ouvir quando se busca tranquilidade e palavras de conforto. De uma maneira geral, a artista mostra todo o seu talento, maturidade e um requinte musical digna de uma veterana nesta área.
Roadie Music

The music of German singer-songwriter Luna Keller comes with a sense of haunting melody, almost in the sense of a near-surrealist sonic experience woven through the course of her arrangements.
Sinusoidal Music

And the good news with Luna is that she never does things by halves. She does them fully, or she doesn't. And "Shadows On My Wall" is a deep and intimate introspective journey that amazed us from the first to the last second. And it's just called... authenticity.
Indie Music Center


About Shadows on my wall

This song started as a poem written into my phone at 3am after waking up from a nightmare. It really just flew directly out of my subconscious onto the page and I fell asleep again right afterwards. It was only a couple of days later that I realized that the guitar part I had been playing around with fit the poem perfectly. So that’s how I wrote it, but what is it about? 

I often find that songs that come to me like this try to tell me something I haven’t consciously realized. This one is no exception, it addresses how our perception of reality is altered by our minds insecurities and fears. I was bullied so badly I had to change schools when I was 10, and even though I have become a confident and happy person, those negative voices sometimes still take over. Depending on my emotional state they can be a passing thought or a full day of anxiety about that one thing I said. They aren’t true, they are a distorted vision of reality that always second guesses if someone really likes me, if I’m good enough… I’m not the enemy, no one is… it’s just shadows on my wall, the strangers in my hall that I create.

In one way or another we all have these voices and shadows, that we need to quiet down sometimes. Music has been such a great help for me to live through mine, and I hope that this song can be as cathartic to others as it has become to me. 


They told me it wasn’t over
So I kept looking over my shoulder
In this house no one is safe
My mind made me a slave

So I stare 
At the closed door
I swear
I’ve never seen it before

All the shadows on my wall
All the strangers in my hall
They are ghosts I create
In my manic mind state

The walls are thin the voices loud
The streets walked by a lonely crowd
And I keep on standing still
Watching my nightmares kill

Still I stare 
At the closed door
I swear
I’ve never seen it before

All the shadows on my wall
All the strangers in my hall
They are ghosts I create
In my manic mind state

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Lyrics and music by Luna Keller

Vocals - Luna Keller

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, recording and editing - Roger Keller

Drums - Jason Meekins

Edited and mixed by - Uli Pfannmüller - TonUP Studio

Mastered by - Andreas Balaskas - Masterlab Mastering

Cover by - Lara Gimero

Produced by Roger Keller & Uli Pfannmüller