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Luna has captured that metamorphosis perfectly, describing the fear of change we undoubtedly all experience, but it’s the hope and courage in the lyrics that have left me quite emotional
Fresh on the net

Luna carries her vocal so intensely close to her heart. I believe the lyrics; too often I find it easy to just pass off a tune and carry on, but in this listen the song took a piece of me with it.
Independent Music Reviews

Prophecy is an incredibly vulnerable track, with Luna displaying her emotions and feelings off to the world in brave fashion – the lyrics are simply heartbreaking to listen to but they work very well with the music.
Jane Howkins for York Calling

I love the moodset is held vulnerable at first, and over time, it feels like the tune itself realizes how beautiful it really is, picking up energy, confidence and passion along the way.
kms reviews

Listen to this song as you would tell a story to a child in the evening. With a lot of gentleness, delicacy and above all ... poetry.
Indie Music Center

About Prophecy

More than two years ago I wrote a song that spoke to me in a way I couldn’t grasp. It felt like a prediction of a future I didn’t know and I called it „Prophecy“. It became one of my favorite songs to play as an encore at my concerts, a bittersweet look forward. 

Now I’m about to cross the ocean, leave home and move into a big city to follow my dreams. And suddenly the song comes true line by line. I feel like that cocoon from the first line with so much potential. I know it will hurt to leave the people I love and my life behind, even if we stay in touch. But I know I need to go, I have no doubts that my future lies outside of my little world, my horizon. It’s leap of faith I have to take, knowing that it won’t be easy but trusting that the last line comes true and „You will see me flying“. 

Most of us need to make a decision like this at some point of our lives: whether it’s leaving our childhood home, moving to another city, starting a new job… we change and we need to move on - expand our horizon and find our place. We’ll always take a part of our past with us in who we are, people we stay connected too, and experiences that change how we see the world, and yet we’ll no longer be a part of our old world. It’s the price we pay to move forward into a different unknown place filled with positive and negative experience that are waiting for us. We all have our own Prophecies, and here is mine. Thank you for listening and being part of my journey.


My body is a cocoon 
My soul will turn into a butterfly
And you will see me die
To be reborn
As love left to soon
I took it and I held it tight
Hope it gets me thorough the night
And through the storm

Rain will fall and the horizon 
Will shatter and break as the sun is rising
They will call for our last goodbye
And the sea will take back the tears I cry

You know ink will flow 
From my open veins
And they will say it rains poetry in the end
And you will know how to keep a memory 
For the rivers speak of me 
As an old friend

Rain will fall and the horizon 
Will shatter and break as the sun is rising
They will call for our last goodbye
And the sea will take back the tears I cry

I’ll take you with me in the whispering wind
I’ll hear your voice when all is silent
I’ll give the earth back my roots
You will see me flying 
You will see me flying

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Lyrics and music by Luna Keller

Guitar and Vocals - Luna Keller

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, recording and editing - Roger Keller

Drums - Uli Pfannmüller

Drum recording, edited and mixed by - Uli Pfannmüller - TonUP Studio

Mastered by - Andreas Balaskas - Masterlab Mastering

Cover by - Lara Gimero