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My heart beats blue

Pelicano June 2018 – Photos by Mark Thornton
6. August 2017

About 'My heart beats blue'

This song was written for a very special occasion:

Environmental Day

When 24-7 tenerife TV asked me to write and play a song for their event to celebrate this day I was thrilled. We met and they gave me some great ideas about what the song should be about. After a few days trying to write the song I finally wrote "Sailor" as I called the song first.

After playing it to my family and the TV team, I did some corrections and decided to change the title to "My Heart Beats Blue" as a tribute to the event itself, which has the same name.

Then we recorded it and (as usual) my Dad turned it into a better song with his great ideas.

Finally performing it at the event was great. I loved the occasion to defend the ocean with my music, and was honoured to give it a voice. Also, seeing all the volunteers diving and cleaning the ocean was amazing. So many people helping to raise conscience about the ocean, and helping to protect it. I'm proud of being part of it, and grateful to 24-7 tenerife TV for organising this great event.

Due some technical problems the sound of the live recording was to distorted to be used. As I really wanted to share the event and the song with you all, I sang it again afterwards.

I hope you'll enjoy listening!


Lyrics and Music by Luna Keller

Vocals - Luna Keller

All Instruments - Roger Keller

Video - 24-7 tenerifeTV

Recorded and mixed by - Roger Keller


Sailor, sailor, where does your journey go,
I'll keep you safe, tell me where is your home.
I am your sea, you know and love me,
sailor, sailor, this ain't no healthy love.

So kill my sons, for your big hunt,
so many lives, I don't understand,
Do you think this is a game?
'cause it ain't !
So you cut them through, what did they do,
to deserve something like you,
Do you think, this is game? 
'cause it ain't!

Dirty water your ship's rid,
that you slowly poison with,
my whole world.
And the things you throw at me,
thinking that no one will see,
they do hurt.

You don't know me, yet you kill me,
you don't own me, yet you sell me.
do you think this is a game?
'cause it ain't!
I'm no dumping ground,I'm no place to haunt,
I'm full of life, you'll see just dive,
Do you think this is a game 
'cause it ain’t!

sailor, sailor, where does your journey go,
I need you now, I'm dying from your " love",
A black dead sea, will be all that's left of me,
sailor, sailor, this ain't no healthy love.

I'm talking to you, stop now!
with those things you do, stop now!
'cause I can't take this forever.
Every single time, stop now!
you cross the line, stop now!
you're not making it better.
Do you think this is a game?
'cause it ain't no game, no game.
Sailor, sailor, where does your journey go,
I'm your home, but you're not the only one.