Growing up between two cultures and surrounded by music Luna Keller is a singer-songwriter with a unique perspective fuelled by her curiosity and a deep connection to her emotions through songwriting.

Her family moved from Germany to Spain when she was just 6 months old. As a result she grew up far away from most of her family and traveling often from a young age. Music was always a part of her life starting with her parents singing and playing the guitar for her to fall asleep an leading to her eventually falling in love with songwriting. Through it she found a true connection to herself, going as far as calling her songs „friends“ that help her process life.

Her father helped her produce her first songs while she was still in school back in 2017. since then she released several singles, two EP’s and her debut album "Prophecies and Silver Linings" (2022). In this year Luna moved to Germany where she's working as a full time indie artist recording, writing and touring Europe extensively playing shows Sweden, Latvia, England, Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany. During this time she also build a community on Twitch where she regularly streams for her almost 4000 followers. 

Her music is a blend of singer-songwriter, folk and pop often pushing the boundaries of those genres. Strong messages, honest lyrics and emotional vocals define Keller’s sound.  

Her work has gained recognition internationally: Tracks from both of her EP’s were chosen by the US record label BHW Music for two of their Summer compilation CD’s (IMA nominated). She’s been a finalist in the Hollywood Songwriter Contest, semifinalist in the Music City Songstar Award  and was nominated for the American Songwriter Contest.  Her music has been used in national ads (Starbucks), TV series (Still Breathing), films (My Southern Family Christmas), hundreds of Youtube videos and has been featured on radio stations (Radio Wigwam, BBC CWR, Indie Star Radio…), music blogs (Where the Music Meets, Never Enough Music, Indie Music Center, No Depression…) and playlists (Alexrainbird, Indie Folk Central...) from all over the world.

Luna's next album "Ocean Inside of Me" was crowdfunded in summer 2023 raising 17k for the production of CD's vinyl and 10 interconnected music videos that will accompany the songs. It's a deeply personal project inspired by a mental health struggle that culminates in a message of self-love. Six singles have been release so far "Ocean Inside Of Me", "Invisible Wars", "Patterns", "Swallow The Sea", "If I Was No More" and "Not Ready".